2017 PRSA Hoosier Chapter Board of Directors Slate Announced

The PRSA Hoosier Chapter is happy to announce its slate for the 2017 Board of Directors!

President: Melissa Geitgey, APR

President-elect: Megan Bulla, APR

Past President: Andrea Farmer, APR

Director of Research and Operations: Kristen Fuhs Wells

Director of Finance: Kendall Horvatich

Director of Professional Development: Jaclyn Falkenstein

Director of Communications: Holly Huffman

Director of Member Services: Emily Kibling

Director of Membership: Michele Bates

Director of Advocacy: Stephanie Freeman

Ethics Officer: Laura Barnard, APR

Delegates to the National Assembly: Debbie Davis, APR, Fellow PRSA; Bob Dittmer, APR; Deana Haworth, APR; Bob Schultz, APR, Fellow PRSA

How was the slate selected? Chapter members interested in volunteering for the 2017 Board were asked to complete an interest form. Then, in accordance with Hoosier Chapter bylaws, a nominating committee convened in early September to review completed interest forms and slate the 2017 Board of Directors. Nomination committee participants were selected per our Chapter’s governance guidelines.

The election of the 2017 board will take place at the Nov. 9 luncheon (which serves as the chapter’s annual meeting) by majority vote of the members in good standing who are present and voting, or voting by proxy. To register for the Nov. 9 luncheon, click here. To vote by proxy, download this form and email your vote by 5 p.m. Monday, Nov. 7, to Courtney Kasinger, APR, Hoosier Chapter immediate past president at kasinger_courtney_c@lilly.com.

Looking to get involved on a PRSA Hoosier Chapter committee? The application for PRSA Hoosier Chapter committee volunteers will be posted online in October.

If you have questions about the Hoosier Chapter’s slating process, contact Melissa Geitgey, APR, 2016 president-elect, at mgeitgey@inhp.org.