The PRSA Hoosier Chapter resolves to do our best as advocates

At the recent PRSA Hoosier Chapter Board meeting, president Kendall Horvatich and Allyson Johnson shared the following statement with the board:

Allyson and I want to start the meeting by acknowledging the events going on in our country at the moment, and while she and I cannot understand what it feels like to be a Black person in our society today, we are listening to the current dialogue and care about making a difference for a better future. Our chapter represents people of all colors and backgrounds, and we are here to support all of them.

The executive board was approached by the East Central District’s board earlier this week with a request to add the Hoosier Chapter’s name to a statement they planned to post on their website and social media channels. The e-board along with Hoosier Chapter board member and ECD board member Andrea Farmer, were given the chance to provide feedback and suggest changes in crafting the ECD’s statement. The statement was posted on their website yesterday.

As we move forward with the development of our new strategic plan, improving our Chapter’s efforts around diversity and inclusion are a top priority. I ask that if any of you have thoughts on strategies and tactics we should consider during the planning process, please reach out to me. I truly believe if we work together, we can be part of the solution moving forward.


The PRSA Hoosier Chapter, along with the PRSA East Central District, resolves to do our best as advocates to bring truth to power, act always with justice, and to commit ourselves to an essential role in resolving systemic racism.