Kudos – Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis

Recently, Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis received Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s prestigious Marketing and Communications (MAC) Award during the organization’s 109th Annual National Conference in Chicago, IL. Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis was selected among hundreds of local Clubs across the country and won the top honor (gold award) for implementing the […]

PRSA Hoosier Chapter Mourns the Passing of a Leader

The public relations profession lost a leader and a legend with the passing of Jim Hetherington. David Shank, APR, of Shank Public Relations Counselors provided the following post to pay tribute to Hetherington who passed away on July 23. Thank you, Jim Hetherington. We lost a great guy with the passing of Jim Hetherington, APR, […]

“Hats Off” To Fred Bagg, One of “The Best”

The PRSA Hoosier Chapter celebrates a legend in the profession as Fred Bagg, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA, recently retired after 35 years at Franciscan St. Francis Health. Bagg is a longtime member and supporter of the PRSA Hoosier Chapter. He has held numerous leadership positions within IABC, PRSA, PRSA Hoosier Chapter and the American Society […]

Six Common AP Style Mistakes

By Sonya Beckley I recently had a new client express his happiness at getting his press release picked up by so many industry websites. His usual experience was that one or two might run his release. I believe the main reason his story had so many pickups this time was because it was written using […]

No Restraining Order Necessary

If there were a tabloid magazine that featured only news reporters, I would buy it. Think US Weekly, but instead of celebrities and reality show stars, the glossy pages would be dedicated to news correspondents. I dream of a two-page photo spread that declares Andrea Mitchell, Lester Holt, Cokie Roberts, Charlie Rose and Jenna Wolfe […]

When in Doubt, Make a List

We have all had that “stare at the blank white screen and try to think what to write” scenario before. I’ve had it a lot of late! So, I’m giving you a simple solution that will work every time:  Offer a list. Bloggers and readers alike can appreciate the direct and informative nature of a […]

Why I’m Proud to Be a Gen Y Professional

I am considered to be a part of Generation Y, sometimes called “Millennials” (born between 1982 and 1991) – a tech-savvy generation defined by change and uncertainty, but also strength and resilience. As children of Baby Boomers, millennials saw the highest rates of divorce, foster care and child abuse. We were shaped by September 11th, […]

Hetrick and the Magic Question

By now you’ve heard there will be no more Hetrick Communications in Indianapolis. In fact, I’m submitting this blog on the final day of operations at what’s been one of Indianapolis’ biggest and busiest PR firms. Understanding what happened is easy. We have all faced flat, inconsistent or dwindling budgets through the financial downturn, and […]

James Burnes and Social Integration at the August Luncheon

“What are the top three goals of your CEO?” Are your digital strategies helping accomplish these goals? James Burnes, Principal and Senior Strategist for Project Brilliant, asked these and many other tough questions to PR pros at the August 10 luncheon in the Sheraton’s Panaorama room. Often in charge of social media initiaves, PR pros […]