Digital Writer/Account Executive

MEK Group
11405 N. Pennsylvania St. Suite 103
Carmel, Indiana 46032
Title: Digital Writer/Account Executive
Job Type: Full-time

Ready to apply your digital and copy-writing chops in a growing award-winning agency environment? We’re looking for a motivated MEK team member for our expanding digital services (as well as contributing to our traditional service offerings).

To succeed, you will expand your extraordinary capabilities at MEK in:

  • Value creation in data-driven account development
  • Bringing great ideas and insight for digital & social media applications to clients
  • Suggesting, designing and helping to implement digital media projects to advance customer revenue and ROI
  • Using your good interpersonal skills to build strong client-agency relationships
  • Being ready to tackle challenging projects in CRM, e-mail and other digital platforms
  • Leveraging your copywriting skills for digital, web and traditional projects
  • Helping create high-performance SEO and web optimization strategies
  • Strong copy-writing skills
  • Relevant work or equivalent experience in digital marketing
  • Good general understanding of marketing & PR (traditional & digital)
  • Good general understanding of SEO/SEM/CRM & other online marketing/PR tools (including Salesforce, PARDOT, HubSpot, Google AdWords, and other marketing automation tools.)
  • Ability to work well with others in a collaborative fashion
  • Ridiculously high level of commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Knowledge of WordPress fundamentals
How To Apply:

Send relevant info addressing the above to