Digital Marketing Strategist

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Fishers, Indiana 46037
Title: Digital Marketing Strategist
Job Type: Full-time

dgs is currently seeking a digital marketing strategist with exceptional, proven marketing communications skills. In this role, you will be responsible for designing, creating and delivering digital marketing programs to support the promotion of agency’s clients products and services. Proficiency in digital advertising, analytics, social media, graphics and web development is a must. Some video project management and/or development experience is preferred. Please note that qualified candidates must live in, or be in the process of relocating to, the Indianapolis area.

Your key responsibilities will include:

  • Planning, developing and executing of clients’ digital programs and campaigns, including digital advertising, analytics, email strategy, website strategy and design, social media.
  • Overseeing and managing organic and paid social media programs.
  • Applying optimization tactics to improve user experience and search engine rankings of websites.
  • Effectively managing digital advertising programs on a daily basis and proactively recommending ideas that improve return on advertising performance.
  • Performing regular evaluation of metrics, including but not limited to site analytics and metrics and campaign reporting.
  • Managing workflow and quality control within your client’s programs and projects by outlining, scheduling, and prioritizing incoming assignments from clients and keeping those projects moving by working with internal colleagues, client contacts and contracted vendors.

Our ideal candidate will be:

  • An efficient task master – You have an extremely high level of proficiency in terms of digital marketing strategies and tactics, and you are capable of applying them to efficiently improve marketing programs.
  • A constant learner – You are resourceful, a self-starter and view each project as a challenge and a learning opportunity to achieve excellence.
  • A logical thinker – You’re able to assimilate best practices, layout aesthetics, established brand guidelines and existing campaign parameters as part of your digital process.
  • Dedicated to details – You leave conversations and meetings with everything you need to outline what needs to happen next.
  • Stalwart in the face of busywork – You maintain high quality output even on the occasions when the task at hand falls on the low end of the intellectually stimulating spectrum.
  • Cool under pressure – You know you can handle whatever comes your way and can ably manage deadlines and adapt to changing priorities without batting an eye when the unexpected happens, all while maintaining a cheerful attitude.
  • Tested and proven – Your career may still be in its early stages or you may be decades in, but you’ve at least reached the point where you have some wins under your belt to demonstrate your abilities.

Candidates with the following skills and qualifications will be placed on top of the list:

  • Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads certification/proficiency)
  • Google Analytics certification/proficiency
  • Design/Creative skills (use of Adobe Suite products)
  • SEO skills
  • Paid and organic social media skills
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Video editing/production
  • Competent and creative writing skills
Leslie Galbreath
How To Apply:

And last, but certainly not least, once you’re here, you’ll love that we’re:

  • Established, but still fresh – We’ve been in the business since the advent of personal computers, but we maintain a culture and focus that continues to evolve and expand.
  • Committed to employee growth – Our leadership team possesses multiple years of collective experience in public relations and marketing communications, experience. They’re eager to share to ensure the continuous growth of our team.
  • A frankly phenomenal team – We come from diverse backgrounds, have a wide range of personalities and excel in supporting each other to achieve awesome results.
  • Employee-centric – What’s important to our team members is important to our management and you’ll see that reflected in transparent communication and our approach to constant improvement.
  • Generous with benefits – We offer health and life insurance, competitive pay, 401k contributions, a flexible schedule and unlimited paid time off.

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