Out of precaution and for the safety of our members, we are going to adhere to the CDC recommendations and postpone all events through May 10 including the Pinnacle Awards previously scheduled for late April. This action also mirrors the action of PRSA National and other Chapters across the U.S.

Current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 virus can be complicated and confusing, but they also offer an opportunity for communicators to be part of the solution. The World Health Association (WHO) says we are experiencing an “infodemic,” and there is a danger this could overwhelm people to the point they begin to tune out just when they most need to be informed.

As a result, PRSA and the PRSA Health Academy have created an infographic aimed at simplifying the information-gathering process and directing people to reliable, credible resources. The role of public relations professionals as advocates for truth, accuracy and transparency in accordance with the PRSA Code of Ethics is integral to our daily practice but especially crucial in times of crisis

This is a global emergency where the expertise of public relations professionals can have a positive impact.

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