To our journalist friends who may have to navigate a new direction:

Because of the changing nature of news many journalists are examining what they want to be when they grow up. One option may be to join us in public relations. “Eek! Gad! Never!” or in newsroom vernacular that can’t be published I can hear being said, I want to assure you: it’s OK. You won’t […]

Nothing Good Happens at 2:47 a.m., A Lesson in PR Ethics

I shot out of bed and looked at the clock: 2:47 a.m. “The photo,” I thought to myself. “Is it ok we used that photo?” Here is how it all started: After completing research as part of a client’s public relations plan, I advised them to invest resources in a regularly updated blog. In addition […]

Back to School: Sharpen your pencils and your networking skills

Several Indiana colleges are back in session this week. Meaning students have a full plate of possibilities for getting involved this year. As talented and engaged PR students, we’re sure joining your school’s PRSSA chapter is already on your to-do list. Indiana’s colleges and universities are home to some of the best PRSSA chapters in […]

The Value of Continuing Education in PR

The question was asked at last November’s Hoosier PRSA luncheon. “Would you recommend graduating college seniors dive right into a Master’s degree, or should we work in the field for a couple of years first?” During the luncheon in November, known for the month of Half Day with a Pro, the aspiring Purdue student asked […]

Four Reasons to Hold a News Conference

A few months ago, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke made headlines by announcing that the Fed would hold a news conference. You read that right, he made news by announcing he’d have news to share. This is newsworthy because banks, investors, lenders, economists and the financial media hang on the Fed’s every move. Too often, […]

James Burnes and Social Integration at the August Luncheon

“What are the top three goals of your CEO?” Are your digital strategies helping accomplish these goals? James Burnes, Principal and Senior Strategist for Project Brilliant, asked these and many other tough questions to PR pros at the August 10 luncheon in the Sheraton’s Panaorama room. Often in charge of social media initiaves, PR pros […]

With Photojournalism in Flux, Opportunity is Open

Recently, four multimedia journalists sat down with a group of 25 PRSA members to discuss the new challenges journalists are facing.  As media staffs shrink and technology advancements become available, photojournalists and video journalists are reinventing their craft. Fox 59’s Multimedia Journalist Vanessa McClure, Indianapolis Star Photographer Charlie Nye, Greenfield Daily Reporter Photographer Tom Russo […]