PRSA Hoosier Member Spotlight: Alex Leix

A graduate of Indiana University, Alex Leix first became involved with the PRSSA during her university days where she found her passion for media relations. The experience she gained through the Kelley School of Business and her involvement with the PRSSA eventually landed her a job with the Bohlsen Group as their media and communications specialist. 

In the fourth installment of our PRSA Hoosier Member Spotlight series, Alex shares how she became involved in the public relations field, the benefits of being involved with the PRSA, along with career advice for students and recent graduates.

  1. Q. What’s your day job?

    A. Media and Communications Specialist at Bohlsen Group

  2. Q. How did you get started in PR?

    A. I got started in my PR career right after graduating from Indiana University in May 2021. (Go Hoosiers!) I actually began exactly one week after graduation, so I didn’t have much time to make that life transition. However, I think what I did in college to get there prepared me for that moment though, as I was involved in PRSSA and had various internships throughout school that introduced me to agency life and media relations, which is the part of PR I am the most passionate about.

  3. Q. What’s something you’re currently working on that you’re excited about?

    A. I’m currently working on a media training presentation. I’m excited about it because I get to use my expertise to help a client gain more confidence during media interviews, and it genuinely brings me joy any time I get to inspire progress and help them reach their goals.

  4. Q. How long have you been involved with our chapter of PRSA and what got you started?

    A. I’ve been involved with the Hoosier chapter and PRSA since January 2022. I got started because my coworker told me about the mentorship program, and the opportunity to connect with a fellow PR pro as a mentor and learn from their experiences really excited me as someone newer to the field.

  5. Q. What is once piece of advice you’d like to give to students interested in establishing a career in PR and to anyone who is new to the profession?

    A. One piece of advice for students interested in establishing a career in PR is to take some marketing or business classes in school if possible because the line between public relations and marketing continues to blend, especially in agency life. I did this at IU and received a marketing minor through the Kelley School of Business, without ever having to major in the business school. Although I’m not sure how it works at other schools, I would advise students to talk to their academic advisor if interested. Having that business background differentiated me from other candidates and showed that I recognized the value of having business knowledge as it relates to the public relations field. PR pros are always working in the business world, whether they’re tasked with raising awareness of a new business, managing their reputation, helping to strengthen and cultivate relationships with the business’s audiences, etc. A piece of advice that I have for new professionals is to always look for opportunities to gain new PR skills and industry knowledge even when you land the job because the learning shouldn’t stop there. It’s one thing to know how to do your job, and it’s another to want to be the best you can be at it, so I believe taking advantage of learning opportunities is the only way to get there.

  6. Q. What do you think makes the Indiana PR community unique?

    A. I think what makes the Indiana PR community unique is the genuine community and support everyone has for one another to improve and thrive as individuals. Practitioners from other agencies and businesses aren’t looked at as competitors. They’re actually an important part of your support network as a PR pro beyond just your coworkers.

  7. Q. In 10 words or less: Favorite thing about PRSA?

    A. Opportunities to grow in my career.

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