2022 President’s Message

I am honored to take on this very important role and want to thank you for your membership and commitment to PRSA and the profession.

When I first moved to Indiana from India on a cold snowy January night in 2007, I didn’t know anyone in this country except for my husband. Yes, that’s true! I had left behind my friends, family and coworkers and was trying to get adjusted to life after marriage. I was also eagerly trying to reestablish my career and rebuild my professional network. Thankfully, I got introduced to PRSA and the wealth of resources that come with the membership. I was blown away by the power of PRSA’s community that has always been so welcoming and supportive. I started volunteering for PRSA and in a short span of time, this incredible community helped me cultivate a sense of belonging that I was craving.  

From an email introduction by a fellow member, a coffee meeting with an industry leader to get career guidance, a quick chat with a journalist right after a Meet the Media event, or an impromptu lunch meeting filled with giggles and sometimes even lengthy rants about life — at some point, we’ve all relied on our PRSA peers for support and guidance, right? For me, these are all examples of how a membership with PRSA unknowingly helps instill a strong sense of belonging in each one of us, while offering ample opportunities to nurture the relationships we build and gain tremendous insights from each other throughout our professional journey.  

I’ve had the pleasure of serving the PRSA Hoosier Chapter in a variety of roles. Each opportunity that came my way offered a rewarding and rich experience that has helped me grow professionally and personally. I am grateful for the opportunity to give back to the profession and feel truly privileged to collaborate with more than 40 of our state’s exceptionally talented professionals who passionately dedicate their time, skills and energy to meticulously plan and deliver superior programming and resources for all our members like you.

2022 Membership Snapshot

2022 Strategic Priorities 

I take great pride in everything we accomplished in 2021, despite the ongoing challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, and look forward to building off the momentum the PRSA Hoosier Chapter Board has now to continue implementing upon the goals and priorities laid out in our 2021-2023 strategic plan. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has further illuminated the pivotal role we play as public relations professionals to provide strategic counsel to our organizations, helping navigate various aspects of the ongoing public health emergency. We recognize that your needs as a member have evolved as a direct result of the pandemic. Our team remains laser-focused on delivering exceptional experiences and robust programming, keeping your needs front and center every day.

Reimagining member programming and building digital capabilities to deliver 360 degrees of engagement is one of my personal goals for our Chapter this year.

From hosting more in-person events to experimenting with new event formats, venues, topics, and speakers, this year is going to be packed with high-energy events, meaningful content, and plenty of opportunities for you to get fully engaged with PRSA Hoosier Chapter’s diverse offerings. Take a look at our member benefits snapshot that might spark your engagement. 

Member Benefits Snapshot

If you have suggestions, ideas or questions for our team, or if you’re interested in volunteering, please send me an email at deeksha.kapoor@gmail.com. I’d love to connect with you! 

Thank you again for your support and commitment to PRSA and the profession.