2022 Board of Directors

President Deeksha Kapoor
President-Elect Hyacinth Rucker
Immediate Past President Allyson Johnson, APR
Director of Operations & Research Rachel Wheeler
Director of Finance Mark Back
Director of Communications Amber Stinson
Director of Member Services Kara Seward
Director of Membership Samantha Sandala
Director of Professional Development Whitney Riggs
Director of Advocacy & Ethics Jennifer Dzwonar, APR, Fellow PRSA
Assembly Delegates Sonja Popp, APR, Fellow PRSA
Andrea Farmer, APR
Hyacinth Rucker

2022 Committee Chairs and Members

Operations & Research
Research Rachel Wheeler
Strategic Planning (Vacant)
Scholarships Sam Perry, chair
Sponsorships (Vacant)
Blog Stefanie Leiter, chair
Social Media Amber Stinson, co-chair

Jennifer Donovan, co-chair

Newsletter & Emails Lateva Woolfork
Website Laura Forbes, committee member
Elizabeth McGlone, committee member
Graphic Design Jeffrey Himes, committee member
DE&I Liaison Brytnie Devon, committee member
Member Services
Accreditation Judy Palermo, APR, co-chair

Amy Kraft, APR, co-chair

Mentor Matching Paige Liston, chair
Pinnacle Awards Paul Shepherd, APR, chair

Kylee Kendall, committee member

Josh Leitman, committee member

Ashlee Willocks, committee member

Statewide Outreach Nichole Thomas, chair
Member Retention Anna Roolf, chair
PRSSA Greta Snell, chair
Vanessa Smith, committee member
New Member Outreach Colleen Baker, chair
Jackelinna Rodriguez. committee member
Professional Development
Luncheons Kristina Kirschner, chair

Brandi Pahl, committee member

Meet the Media Whitney Riggs, chair
Teresa Mackin, committee member
Laura Schafsnitz, committee member
Lauren Schregardus, committee member
Special Events Tim Coxey, APR, co-chair
Molly Zentz, APR, co-chair
DE&I Liaison Denise Herd
Advocacy & Ethics
Multicultural Affairs/Diversity Brytnie Devon, chair
Denise Herd, committee member
Ethics Judy Palermo, chair