2017 Board of Directors

President Melissa Geitgey, APR
President-Elect Megan Bulla, APR
Immediate Past President Andrea Farmer, APR
Director of Operations & Research Kristen Fuhs Wells
Director of Finance Kendall Horvatich
Director of Communications Holly Huffman
Director of Member Services Emily Kibling
Director of Membership Vacant
Director of Professional Development Jacki Falkenstein
Director of Advocacy Stephanie Freeman
Ethics Chair Laura Barnard, APR
Assembly Delegates Debbie Davis, APR
Bob Dittmer, APR
Deana Haworth, APR
Bob Schultz, APR

2017 Committee Chairs and Members

Operations & Research
Operations and Research YoungAh Lee, chair
Alliances and Partners Lauren Cascio, chair
Amy Kraft, committee member
Historian Tamara Hull, APR, chair
Scholarships Jacqueline Cromleigh, co-chair
A.J. McIver, co-chair
Cassie Craft, committee member
Sponsorships Kit Werbe, co-chair
Tom Spalding, co-chair
Social Media Brittany Kapps, chair
Payal Raj, committee member
Kristen Hay, committee member
Deeksha Kapoor, committee member
Allison Schrock, committee member
Newsletter & Emails Rachel Wheeler, co-chair
Trey Meehan, co-chair
Website Ellie Schuler, chair
Member Services
Accreditation Jenifer Groth, APR, co-chair
Tammy Sander, APR, co-chair
Courtney Kasinger, APR, committee member
Job Bank Jennifer Hanson, chair
National Diversity Liaison LaMar Holliday, chair
New Professionals Rachel Semple, committee member
Melanie Hall, APR, committee member
Kaila Lewis, committee member
Justin Guild, committee member
Nolan Mikowski, committee member
Pinnacle Awards Tim Coxey, co-chair
Emily Davis, co-chair
Raechel Amey, committee member
Molly Zentz, committee member
Rachel Mirkin, committee member
Statewide Outreach John Paff, APR, co-chair
Danielle Falconer, co-chair
Rachel Batdorff, committee member
Jessica Brita-Segyde, committee member
Jeanette DeDiemar, committee member
Devra Garcia, committee member
Membership Mandy Bray, committee member
Deeksha Kapoor, committee member
Multicultural Affairs/Diversity Ali Hernandez, co-chair
LaMar Holliday, co-chair
PRSSA Hyacinth Rucker, co-chair
Whitney Pflanzer, co-chair
Chantal Kowalski, committee member
Molly Yedinak, committee member
Randy Kelso, committee member
Professional Development
Luncheons Ashlee Fujawa, committee member
Teresa Mackin, committee member
Brittani Martel, committee member
Meet the Media Jim Gavin, APR, co-chair
Abby Gras, co-chair
Lisa Dudeck, co-chair
Special Events Shannon Ruanto, co-chair
Ashley Sherman, co-chair
Annie Efkeman, committee member
Leigh Hamer, committee member
Brandy Wright, committee member
Randy Kelso, committee member
Public Service Whitney Moorman, co-chair
Angela Howland Blackwell, co-chair
Kari Daffron, committee member
Kara Seward, committee member