What is APR?

APR is a mark of distinction for public relations professionals who demonstrate their commitment to the profession and to its ethical practice, and who are selected based on broad knowledge, strategic perspective, and sound professional judgment.

If you’ve got experience, get the letters to go with it

Consider earning the distinction of APR, Accredited in Public Relations. APR demonstrates to your organization, your boss, your peers and even your mom that you have attained a level of professionalism above many others in the business. It gives you additional credibility as you discuss strategy and tactics with other managers in your organization. You’ve been there. You’ve survived the turmoil of the business. Get the accreditation to prove it.

The APR exam employs current best practices in professional certification testing. To find out more, visit, praccreditation.org.

How does the Hoosier Chapter help members achieve their APR?

The Hoosier Chapter of PRSA offers members FREE review courses to help prepare for the exam. Review courses run approximately 10 weeks. A syllabus is available for review to help you get acquainted with the schedule. For more information about the Hoosier PRSA APR review course, contact accreditation@prsahoosier.org.

Be An Industry Leader: Earn Your APR

Internationally recognized, the Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) integrates timeless communications principles with contemporary strategies and tactics. The process of earning your APR takes your skills to the next level by exposing you to today’s cutting-edge strategies and practices, assessing your skills to identify strengths and opportunities for growth, and demonstrating your personal and professional commitment to excellence. Pursuing the APR gives you direct access to top public relations leaders—APR holders who will guide you through the process of achieving Accreditation—and provides the tools you need to distinguish yourself as a luminary in the public relations field. Learn more and earn your APR today at http://www.praccreditation.org/apply/.

Are You Ready to Earn Your APR?

PRSA Hoosier’s Fall 2019 APR Readiness Course runs September 19 – November 12. The free 10-week course will take place at the Farm Bureau building in downtown Indy. All classes will be recorded and available on the private group Facebook page as well.

Students will also be offered the opportunity to pair with an APR mentor at the beginning of the course, who will offer advice and feedback throughout the process.

PRSA Hoosier is committed to supporting all members who wish to pursue this important step in professional development.

To register and for any questions, please contact Leslie Galbreath at leslie@addmagenta.com or 317-213-7713.

Also, make sure to join the Hoosier Chapter APR Readiness Course group on Facebook to discuss all things APR. This is the year you earn your APR!