The PRSA Hoosier Chapter APR Mentor Program is designed to pair individuals who complete the Chapter’s APR readiness course with an accredited Chapter member who will mentor them through the APR process. Mentors must not have a previous relationship with or know their mentees.

Mentor Guidelines

To support APR candidate in panel presentation, the mentor will:

  • Ask why the mentee is pursuing the APR at this time
  • Share personal APR story and what’s it meant to career
  • Serve as a coach and check in with the mentee to set goals, timeframes and schedule panel presentation
  • Serve as a contact to review and provide feedback on written questionnaire in preparation for panel presentation
  • Support mentee in preparation for panel presentation

To support APR candidate in preparation for the accreditation exam, the mentor will:

  • Share study tips with mentee
  • Share work experiences with mentee that could come up as scenarios during the exam, and have the mentee think about work experiences they have had as well. 
  • Practice exam questions with mentee
  • Serve as a coach and check in with mentee to set goals and timeframe

Mentor Resources

  • Article titled, “Demystifying the panel presentation,” highlighting the changes made to the process in 2016
  • “It Takes A PRo” campaign toolkit with materials that highlight the APR program and benefits
  • Panel presentation questionnaire outlining the content mentees will need to include in their portfolio
  • Background on what evaluators are looking for during the panel presentation

APR Continuing Education/Maintenance Credit

By volunteering to serve as an APR mentor to a candidate, you’re eligible for two maintenance points per year you hold this role. On your maintenance application, simply record it under section F (Leadership in Accreditation of other professionals) where you will find the mentor option listed.