PRSA Hoosier Chapter Awards $2,000 in PRSSA Scholarships

The PRSA Hoosier Chapter is dedicated to giving back to those who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in the public relations/communications field. Each year, we offer two scholarships – each in the amount of $1,000. Scholarship application submissions are reviewed by a group of active PRSA board and committee members and […]

PRSA Hoosier Chapter Appoints 2022 Board of Directors

The Public Relations Society of America Hoosier Chapter, Indiana’s statewide society of public relations and communications professionals, today announces the 2022 Board of Directors. The Board was elected at the chapter’s annual meeting last week.  Allyson Johnson, APR, the PRSA Hoosier Chapter’s 2021 President, will be succeeded by Deeksha Kapoor, director of communications at the […]

Donor Spotlight: Elizabeth McGlone gifts $3,300 to support the PRSA Hoosier Chapter

Elizabeth McGlone, marketing director at CertaSite, has been an active volunteer of the PRSA Hoosier Chapter and has served on various committees over the last few years. We recently asked Elizabeth to reflect on her journey with PRSA and the powerful inspiration behind her incredible generosity toward our Chapter. Tell us about your career so […]

Social Media: Is it a Trick or a Treat?

We all use social media in our daily lives. I’m sure you at least see it every day, whether or not you have an account (and if you don’t, you are a rare breed and congratulations for holding out!). Some of us (un)lucky people manage both personal and professional accounts. When our lives are consumed […]

Ethics and Values are More than Just Words

For more than 20 years, I was a watchdog on society as a nationally awarded journalist in different newsrooms across the country. My eyebrows would raise, questions would bubble up in my head and many conversations would start with, “How could they let this happen?” Not every story ended up with a valueless villain thank […]

The Great Resignation: What to look for in your next agency role

Whether you call it “The Big Quit” or “The Great Resignation,” as a PR pro, you’ve likely felt the pinch of this year’s acute talent shortage. You might even be considering making a move yourself. And, if you’re reading this, a move to any agency — or between agencies — might be on your radar. […]

Being a delegate is an honor

Nearly 20 years ago when I was transitioning from a career in broadcasting to working in public relations and marketing, somebody pointed me toward PRSA. I wish I could remember who that was (20 years is a long time) because they did me a tremendous favor. Rubbing elbows with members of the Hoosier chapter has […]

Hotel Tango supports Pride Month with specialty bottles

We’ve all become increasingly aware of Pride Month in recent years. Some know the history that started with the Stonewall Riots in June 1969, and others just know that June is a time to show your, or your organization’s, support for the LGBTQ community. As awareness has grown and as support for LGBTQ causes has […]

Why pursuing the APR is absolutely worth the time and brain space

Right now, you probably have an inbox full of unread emails, a checklist of to-dos yet to be completed and a boss asking you for an update on a project you haven’t been able to start. Maybe this is just me, but I digress. Point is: You’re busy, possibly stretched very thin in your professional […]

Why Mental Health Month Matters 

As companies return to work after over a year of working from home, a lot can be said about the toll the coronavirus pandemic has taken on our mental health. Whether you had to work around children and their school schedules, ended up with a barking dog in your camera more often than you would […]