COVID-19 has been tough on individuals, families and employers. Sectors of the public relations industry may have seen significant losses since March. The economic and personal repercussions of COVID-19 have impacted many in our profession. 

PRSA has announced a financial hardship program for renewing members. If you have been laid off or temporarily disabled due to COVID-19, you can save $130 and retain your PRSA membership. 

The financial hardship plan is available to anyone who has been a member of PRSA for a total of three or more years, is unemployed and who is currently up for renewal of membership. Review the additional eligibility requirements to continue your PRSA membership. 

Your membership in PRSA and the PRSA Hoosier Chapter are particularly valuable when in a job search. You can access professional development, earn certifications, advance to your APR, workshop your resume, network and more. We make up a team of PR professionals in Indiana and nationally who are ready to help you through this difficult time. 

Learn more about the PRSA financial hardship program.