When in Doubt, Make a List

We have all had that “stare at the blank white screen and try to think what to write” scenario before. I’ve had it a lot of late! So, I’m giving you a simple solution that will work every time:  Offer a list.

Bloggers and readers alike can appreciate the direct and informative nature of a list. I’m more inclined to read a list post or article than any other kind. This has a lot to do with my personality, but, also by design. Typically, your list of information has a clearly defined beginning and ending, and, most of us use bullets or numbers to space out each item. Taking your list one step further by making any key points and phrases bold is even more welcoming and ensures that those of us who skim read can take in what we need and nothing more.

Another beautiful aspect about creating lists is that you can make it about anything you want – it’s your list. Pick a hot, trending topic or stick with a top 10 list of tried and true; compile based on data or opinion. Your post will feel organized and refreshing, and your readers will come back for more.

Idea girl Raquel Richardson is an urban wannabe, Butler grad and mother of two cupcake-eating boys. After working at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Bates USA Midwest, the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce and Charles Schwab, Raquel launched Silver Square Inc. in 2000. This creative, trusted marketing and design firm based in Carmel is known for hitting it out of the park, using funny as a business tactic, being brutally honest and reveling in clients’ successes.

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