3 Things to Consider Prior to Submitting Your 2020 Pinnacle Awards Entry

Each spring, the PRSA Hoosier Chapter gathers to recognize the best work in Indiana’s public relations industry with the annual Pinnacle Awards event. Entries encompass a myriad of skills, ranging from internal and external communication to social media to audiovisual and so much more. Students, industry professionals, members, and non-members alike are recognized at this highly-anticipated yearly event.

Before the celebration occurs, however, applicants are required to compile their best work for a panel of judges at a reciprocal PRSA chapter to judge. This leaves many to wonder, what exactly is it that makes a good Pinnacle Awards entry? 

While there is no hard and fast way to guarantee success at the awards event, there are a few actions applicants can take to ensure they’re putting their best foot forward with their entry. 

1 – Ensure all four facets of campaigns are detailed. As outlined in the Pinnacle Awards Call for Entries, there are four facets to any successful campaign: research, planning, execution, and evaluation. A strong entry will not only address all four of these elements, but it will provide equally strong descriptions for all four as well. Entries that fall flat will often only describe the planning and execution aspects of the campaign, while providing minimal detail for the research and evaluation portions. Additionally, strong entries will address budget, timing, and creative problem-solving. 

2 – Provide supporting materials for entries. Perhaps your entry summary is strong; it’s equally descriptive and quantitative, but if it lacks supporting documentation, it won’t be as strong as it could’ve been. The reason an entry requires supporting documentation (when applicable) is because judges like to see what the program or project looks like, not just read about it. This is particularly important in the case of audiovisual, design, or social media entries. 

3 – Highlight your best work. This may go without saying, but if you don’t believe in your entry, then no one else will either. When submitting, be sure to highlight your best work from the past year. After all, an entry can only be as strong as the quality and effectiveness of the program or project. 

While there are many ways to create a successful Pinnacle Awards entry, by ensuring detailed campaign elements, the inclusion of supporting materials, and top tier work are included, you’ll be on your way to submitting a robust entry. 

Author Bio

Sammi Coppedge is the public relations specialist at One Click, an online retailer that sells eyewear across the Readers.com®, Sunglass Warehouse®, and felix + iris brands. She is currently serving in the role of Pinnacle Awards chair on behalf of the PRSA Hoosier chapter. Coppedge is a 2017 graduate of Ball State University where she earned a B.S. in public relations. She currently lives in the Fall Creek Place neighborhood of Indianapolis with her fiancé Joel.