Member Q&A with Ashley Sherman

The PRSA Hoosier Chapter is conducting member profiles throughout the year to facilitate connections within the Chapter. We are pleased to introduce Ashley Sherman.ashley-sherman_dance-headshot

Name: Ashley Sherman

Position: Director of Communications

Employer: Zeta Tau Alpha

College Attended: Butler University

PRSA Position: Networking Committee Chair

Q: Is there a specific cause or non-profit for which you advocate?

Dance is my passion and my hobby. I’m a firm believer that everyone can dance, and there’s no such thing as being a “bad” dancer – it’s all about self expression. Last year, I joined the board for Motus Dance  here in Indy. Their tagline is “Beautifully Different Dance” and that really speaks to me. I have loved being a part of a group that is all about expression and art, but also advocates the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle. They teach classes of all ages and perform throughout the year so that everyone has an opportunity to be exposed to dance as both an art and an activity.

Q: What skillset would you like to learn?

I would secretly love to learn how to code. I’ve picked up bits and pieces out of necessity for work, but I don’t fully understand it. Everything is digital now, and everything digital is code, so it would be both exciting and useful to feel confident in that area.

Q: Did you ever see yourself working in the field of public relations?

I didn’t even know what PR was when I started school! I was a theatre major for a full year at Butler University before switching majors – and I still don’t recall exactly why I decided on PR. I don’t think I really understood what it was when I made that decision, but I’ve been grateful every day since!

Q: What’s your coolest career experience to date?

I feel fortunate that I’ve gotten to do a lot of cool stuff in my career so far, but working with and meeting rapper 50 Cent will probably never be topped. While working at BLASTmedia, we represented SMS Audio, 50’s headphone company. Despite his sometimes off-color celebrity persona, he’s a very smart businessman and very polite. It was also nice to have the media begging for our attention for a change – especially at the Consumer Electronics Show! Beyond the experience of working with a celebrity, the team I worked with did an awesome job of getting tons of top-tier media coverage and that level of professional success is a feeling you never forget.

Q: What advice would you give to new PR professionals?

Meet everyone. A lot of my career has happened because of someone I knew – people not even in the PR industry. Take advantage of the communication skills you’ve learned and meet as many people as you can. Get to know their interests and professional goals just as much as you share yours (if not more) and never be afraid to tell people what you want out of your career. You may be surprised at the folks who help you get there!

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