Ethics and Values are More than Just Words

For more than 20 years, I was a watchdog on society as a nationally awarded journalist in different newsrooms across the country. My eyebrows would raise, questions would bubble up […]

An Ethics Nightmare Sure to Fyre You Up

If you haven’t yet seen the Fyre Festival documentaries or heard about the debacle, you may want to go watch them and then come back. If you’re ok with spoilers, […]

The Value of a Free Press

Thomas Jefferson famously deliberated that he’d rather have newspapers without a country than a country without newspapers, and for good reason. An independent press ensures that citizens stay informed about […]

No Room for Alternative Facts in PR

Attention: This Article is Accurate and Truthful in Nature Fake news has been a major source of contention with the recent political landscape. But the truth of the matter is, […]

My Hardest Decision

Every time I meet with students or sit on a panel, I wait. “C’mon, ask me. I have an answer. Please ask me,” my inner monologue begs. I wait and […]