Why Mental Health Month Matters 

As companies return to work after over a year of working from home, a lot can be said about the toll the coronavirus pandemic has taken on our mental health. […]

WIIFM v. Paying It Forward

No One Succeeds Alone Show of hands: If we were to rename our profession today, would you still call it “public relations” or would you call it “relationship management”? You […]

The Power of the Advocate

As public relations professionals, we are tasked with producing outcomes for our clients. We arm ourselves with market research. We study the competition, analyze trends, and develop and execute campaigns […]

The Value of a Free Press

Thomas Jefferson famously deliberated that he’d rather have newspapers without a country than a country without newspapers, and for good reason. An independent press ensures that citizens stay informed about […]

A Word of Advice…

When Brittany asked me to write a blog post and offer “a word of advice” for PRSA Hoosier Chapter members, I said “sure!” Then, a couple of weeks later, Brittany […]