Why I Geek Out About PR, AP Style and the Hoosier Chapter

I’ll admit it. I’m a total communications nerd.

I geek out about grammar and proper punctuation. I love when a campaign’s objectives, strategies and tactics seamlessly come together to create something amazing. And I admit to feeling a little smug when I apply AP style to correct something – in my head, I liken it to solving a puzzle that grants the heroine access to something wonderful, kind of like “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.”

Like I said: Nerd.

That’s why I totally loved attending some of the PRSA Hoosier Chapter’s committee planning meetings in January. I was inspired by the passion Chapter members exhibited as they brainstormed new programs and initiatives in response to the challenge of providing value to members.

I became very excited hearing about upcoming educational programming, new diversity initiatives, a spring APR class and a chance to help up-and-coming practitioners at a new pros event or the next generation at a PRSSA networking event. And that’s only a portion of the list! Make sure to check out the Chapter’s calendar of events online or read through the weekly chapter emails for up-to-date program announcements.

With each meeting, I was inspired by the dedication for the profession our Chapter volunteers exhibited, and I was inspired to do the best I could do to support and empower them. To me, a signature characteristic of a good leader is someone who empowers the people around them to succeed. That’s what I hope to do for the Chapter this year through my volunteer service.

Our chapter has more than 50 volunteers – and the number keeps growing – who are dedicated to enhancing the profession through their service to the Hoosier Chapter. Each time I collaborate with a committee, I learn something new and evolve into a better professional.

Interested in lending your expertise to the Chapter or expanding your skills? Email me at president@PRSAhoosier.org. I’m happy to discuss volunteer opportunities.

Or your favorite AP style rules. I’m always up for that, too.

Melissa Geitgey

Hoosier PRSA President

Melissa Geitgey, APR, INHP’s director of marketing communications, leads the organization’s integrated marketing communications efforts. Geitgey has more than 15 years of brand management, strategic communications, and event-based communications and operations experience gained working for professional sports, higher education, professional services and nonprofit organizations. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from Valparaiso University, is accredited in public relations by the Public Relations Society of America and currently serves as the PRSA Hoosier Chapter president.