Hoosier Chapter to increase member dues in 2017 – Increase will allow chapter to continue to offer member benefits

We’ve entered the fall season, which means your PRSA Hoosier Chapter board of directors have already begun planning for next year. I wanted to inform you of a recent board decision that will impact all Hoosier Chapter members in 2017.

A large portion of the chapter’s revenue comes from membership dues. We do not get a share of the dues paid for national PRSA memberships. If a member would like to belong to the Hoosier Chapter, they must pay an additional $60 each year.

Revenue from Hoosier Chapter member dues is used to fund professional development programming, networking events, student scholarships, the Job Bank, an accreditation course and the other member benefits you know and love. Additionally, it funds the Chapter’s part-time administrator, an accredited association management professional who handles day-to-day financial and administrative activities so the all-volunteer board and committees can focus on the chapter’s overall direction and implementation of member benefits.

Each year, the board of directors reviews our Chapter’s dues structure and informs National PRSA if the Chapter intends to raise dues. Since 2009, the Hoosier Chapter has collected annual dues of $60. Last month, the board of directors voted to increase that amount to $65 – the first increase in eight years. The $5 increase – which will take effect in 2017 – will allow the Chapter to cover the cost of inflation while continuing to provide member benefits.

Our Chapter continues to grow and we are in a strong financial position. On behalf of the board, we appreciate your membership and as always, will continue to be excellent stewards of the Chapter’s resources. If you have questions or concerns about this decision, please contact me at afarmer@ncaa.org or 317.917.6104.


Andrea Farmer, APR

PRSA Hoosier Chapter president