The Plan of Attack for the Hoosier Chapter’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee

It has become more evident in today’s political and social climate that diversity and inclusion are more important than ever. No matter where you turn, social media feeds, TV or just every day conversation with friends, there seems to be a discussion on the lack of compassion and empathy for diversity and inclusion.

As they always say, there’s faith in humanity. There are people fighting every day to make our world more diverse and inclusive to everyone. You can count Public Relations Society of America as an organization that’s wanting to embrace this. When PRSA made the announcement to diligently work hard at making our public relations profession a diverse and inclusive workforce, it was a task that the Hoosier Chapter has always and will continue to take to heart.

My co-chair Ali and I are bright-eyed and bushy tailed to make our Chapter the role model for other Chapters, even National, to see how we’re taking this duty head on. How are we doing it, you ask? One simple word: relationships.

We are reaching out to minority organizations across central Indiana to embrace the world of diversity in our own backyard. Through those relationships, we hope to find and connect with those PR/communication professionals to join #TeamPRSA and help make our profession a diverse community. So get ready Hoosier Chapter, we’re about to become leaders in the world of diversity and inclusion. We hope you will join us! J

Do you have a passion for diversity and inclusion? Know of any organizations you think Ali and I should check out? Please email us at You can join our committee or just share your ideas on how we can be pioneers in making our PR profession full of diverse ideas and members of our organization. Again, we want to take the lead on this and we can’t do it without your help.

LaMar Holliday is a public involvement specialist with the Indiana Department of Transportation. He serves as the co-chair for the Diversity and Inclusion committee for the PRSA Hoosier Chapter as well as the Diversity and Inclusion Liaison for the PRSA Hoosier Chapter to the national chapter.

Fresh out of Ball State University, and her role as a top-notch Borshoff intern, Ali Hernandez brings new perspectives to Borshoff’s team of talented communicators. She provides support for media relations, community relations and internal communications for a variety of Borshoff clients, including health care, nonprofit and information technology. Ali earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in public relations and a minor in Spanish, while also studying abroad in Segovia, Spain.