TRUST, The Four Letter Word

I think it’s the economy. I think people are getting slowly pulled into the blahs. I think people are sad to see the summer go and a fast fall zoom on by. Every time someone I come in contact with goes down one of these paths, I simply change the subject. I know that next out of their mouth, they’ll start talking about trust and faith and uncertainty.

And I’m over it.

This economy isn’t any more predictable than the last. Nothing is certain, that’s why we must have trust and view the future in a positive light.

Trust isn’t a four letter word; it’s a gracious word that is the foundation of our life, the basis for our relationships and the entire reason we get out of bed each day. What would we have if we didn’t carry around a certain amount of trust?

I firmly believe we paint our own paths. Yes we can fail, but we can learn from the fall. We can decide to get up and try harder the next time, happy with the outcome and push ourselves to do better tomorrow. We can live each day a little better than our previous opportunity. We can trust in ourselves and in each other.

Our work in marketing and public relations is every bit about trust and I view it as one of the most powerful, exciting, meaningful words in our tool kit. I don’t use it or take it lightly, and I believe that we have to all trust one another, our work, our effort and our outcomes. Let’s have faith in trust.

Guest post by Raquel Richardson, Principal of Silver Square. You can find her on Twitter @silversquare.

Idea girl Raquel Richardson is an urban wannabe, Butler grad and mother of two cupcake-eating boys. After working at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Bates USA Midwest, the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce and Charles Schwab, Raquel launched Silver Square Inc. in 2000. This creative, trusted marketing and design firm based in Carmel is known for hitting it out of the park, using funny as a business tactic, being brutally honest and reveling in clients’ successes.

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