Are We There Yet?

By Dr. Kathie R. Fleck, APR In March, airlines and governments worldwide grounded the Boeing 737 MAX 8 after two crashed within five months, killing 346 people. In the U.S., only three airlines were flying the 737 Max 8 when the planes were grounded – Southwest, American, and United Airlines. I happen to be a […]

Crisis Communication – More Important Now than Ever

When I started in public relations, way back in the early 90s, crisis communication was a small niche practice in PR firms. Most corporate and nonprofit organizations had crisis plans (in binders), but usually farmed out big events to specialists. Then, the golden rule was that you had between 12 and 24 hours to initially […]

TRUST, The Four Letter Word

I think it’s the economy. I think people are getting slowly pulled into the blahs. I think people are sad to see the summer go and a fast fall zoom on by. Every time someone I come in contact with goes down one of these paths, I simply change the subject. I know that next […]

Tragedy at the State Fair: A health system’s PR response

On a blustery and stormy August evening, rigging at the Indiana State Fair collapsed during a concert, sending 20 individuals to IU Health Methodist Hospital, as well as others to Wishard and St. Vincent. Details were sketchy at first, so little did I or anyone else on the public relations team at Indiana University Health […]