Best Practices In Media Pitching

What’s more difficult than writing a media pitch? Writing a blog about how to pitch.

But leave it to BLASTmedia, sponsor of the PRSA Hoosier Chapter Half Day with a Pro, to share tips about effective media pitching. BLASTmedia Vice President Anna Julow Roolf’s advice comes two-fold to offer coaching ideas for seasoned pros and encouragement for those just starting to gain experience. It may even spark a few ideas for those participating in our unique Half Day opportunity.

For the NEW PRO: Ask to see an example media pitch to learn from
For the SEASONED PRO: Be ready to share your “best pitch” story from the very beginning

It’s not always about wordsmithing; the reason a pitch worked was more than likely the relationship with an editor/reporter, or the preparation leading to the relationship. Like any PR plan – don’t forget the research!

For the NEW PRO: Seek feedback while writing your pitch
For the SEASONED PRO: Be a team player when your team/associate is pitching

“During a midweek daily stand-up meeting (we call them huddles) we each share one of the things we’ve already pitched that week and why it worked or — and this happens to all of us — why it didn’t,” said Anna Roolf, vice president at BLASTmedia. “So, if something isn’t working, staff can rework pitches and follow up based on tips from others in the agency.”

For the NEW PRO: Keep learning
For the SEASONED PRO: Inspire consistency…and keep learning

BLASTmedia’s training includes a 30-day onboarding process for new employees, a learning management system with lessons and weekly agency-wide Think Tanks to discuss best practices and lessons learned as a team. They use the same playbook regardless of their role in the agency.

Per Michael Smart, national media relations consultant, “The consistency and discipline evident in BLASTmedia’s pitches shows agency-wide proficiency. This is really difficult to achieve and is a huge strength for their clients.”

If you’re not in an agency, here’s the key word: inspiration. PRSA Hoosier Chapter’s Meet the Media sessions, Michael Smart’s resources, and seeing my own professional peers (friends’) success keep me inspired personally in a nonprofit setting.

Even more, our Chapter’s Half Day with a Pro event makes it easy for PR pros at any career level to reflect on and/or share effective media pitching techniques. That experience is certainly better than any blog I could write!

By Tim Coxey, APR, senior communications and marketing associate, Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership®